Before choosing to build a custom home with us, it’s important to understand the process.

At Red Barn, we can custom design your dream home or improve the one you currently own! We build and renovate in metro-Atlanta and anywhere within an hour of the city of Atlanta. We have licensed contractors and architects in house!

So you don’t have a floor plan in mind? No problem!

We have floor plans that you can choose from, or our builders can work with you to design the floor plan for the house you’ve been dying to make your own!

While building your own home is extremely exciting, we also know that it can be incredibly overwhelming. To help ease your concerns, we have a simplified, step-by-step approach to better explain our home building process:

Meeting With Us

Once you reach out to us regarding the home you want built, we’ll set up a face-to-face meeting with you, either at our office, in your home, or wherever you feel most comfortable discussing the project. We’ll discuss our current floor plans or the floor plan you have in mind, as well as your ideas, needs and desires for your new home.

We’ll have you fill out a “New Home Questionnaire”. This will help us to outline your design priorities and wishes.

Next, we’ll take you for a tour of some homes we’ve recently designed and built to allow you to familiarize yourself with our work!

Where to Build?

In order to have the perfect house, you must first have the perfect lot! Red Barn Homes would love to help you find that perfect space to build your dream house. Not only are we builders, designers, and dream makers – but we have realtors on staff as well! Being in real estate investment and renovation, we know the great locations of metro-Atlanta! If you’re considering buying a lot or purchasing a lot with a tear-down, we’ll provide valuable site analysis to be sure that the lot you’re viewing can accommodate the home you want to build. Allowing us to estimate the cost to prepare the site before purchasing can potentially save you thousands!
If you’re already working with a realtor to find the lot you need, but still need a builder to help you decide if it’s “THE ONE”, we offer lot consultations for a small fee. If you decide to use Red Barn Homes to build your dream home, the consultation fee is refundable!
Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your dream home, we’ll support you throughout the purchase process to ensure you don’t forget any important inspections, tests, or other important aspects before your due diligence period expires.
Red Barn would be glad to build a home on a lot you already own! Once you’ve got the space you want your house to be built on, we’ll then move on to helping you to design the home of your dreams!

The Beginning of Your Dream Come True

First, we’ll get all of your project ideas out on the table with our team members. We want you to know that your ideas and dreams are what make the house happen!
Next, we’ll have a meeting at the construction site so that our crews can analyze the site, discuss the building envelope, topographical elevations, and footprint.
Afterward, we’ll get all of the fine lines in place regarding the placement of the home, what your price range is, the home style you prefer, and your square footage desires.
Once all of the budgeting details are in place, we’ll discuss financing. Some customers prefer to finance the entire project with cash. If cash financing isn’t an option, Red Barn Homes works closely with a few banks that are able to finance the entire construction of the home and the permanent loan at closing (with credit approval).

Getting an Estimate

Pick the floor plan! You may choose from our stock floor plans, design your own, or let us design the floor plan for you! We have floor plans and can design floor plans for every budget and style!
Once you’ve decided on a preliminary design and floor plan, we will present you with a rough estimate for the building of your home. If both parties agree on the estimate and the initial terms and conditions, a design contract will be presented for signing.
The Design Agreement represents a commitment by both parties to proceed with the design phase, where specifics will be determined and the design will be finalized.
In this stage, a non-refundable deposit must be made and the project is officially added to the Red Barn schedule!

The Full Design Process

Let’s say that you were unable to find a floor plan of ours that you absolutely fell in love with, and you weren’t able to come up with one on your own. That is no problem! Nathan, our builder, will work closely with you to design the perfect floor plan. You’re also welcome to work with your own architect. Our construction process will be the same regardless! Our only goals are to help you create the home you want to spend the rest of your life in, to build a product that we are proud of, and to build rapport with you that would make you want to choose Red Barn again or refer your friends to us!
In this part of the process, we will discuss all of your home’s interior and exterior amenities and specifications. We’ll talk about everything from tile to hardwoods, countertops to swimming pools, and everything in between! We want to ensure that this home meets your needs functionally, structurally, aesthetically, and economically!
Next, our design team will present you with concept drawings. We’d then make any revisions you see fit, specify and set in stone the design details, and select material options. We already have subcontractors in house, so no need for the bidding war! However, if you prefer subcontractors submit bids for your home, we’d be more than happy to accommodate!
This phase will conclude with a final design being made, a scope of work being detailed, and a price being set.

Getting the John Hancock!

Next, after all designs are in place and price has been settled upon, we’ll have you sign the building contract. Some items cannot be finalized at this point, so we place allowances into the agreement. We would then review all completed architectural and engineering drawings.
The next step is to secure all financing for the work to be done. This could be with cash or through a bank! After financing is in place, we’ll decide on a date to get started with the building, and a date that we expect the house to be completely finished.
All that’s left for this step is to sign the New Home Construction Agreement!

Let the Building Begin

Depending on the nature of the project (size of the house, design, etc.), the entire building process can take six months to over a year to officially complete.
The first step to the construction process is to get all necessary permits in place. Don’t worry – we handle this too!
Come visit your home! While construction is taking place, we can set up a time for you to view the process in four separate stages: Foundation, Framing, Look-Up, and Pre-Finish. These site meetings are important for everyone to ensure that we’re all on the same page and that everything is as planned. These visits do require an appointment with Red Barn Homes, and one of our team members must be present at the site meeting for your safety because it is an on-going construction project.
We will constantly keep in contact with you! You’ll know what stage of the building process that we’re in, the upcoming project schedule to the stages we’ll enter next, and you’ll be informed of any change orders and upcoming decisions and finances.
We’ll even post pictures for you! You can view your construction progress photos online any time!

Throw a Housewarming Party!

So maybe we don’t actually throw the housewarming party, but you definitely should – because your home is ready to move in! But first, we’ll do a final walk-through of your home with you to be sure that everything is exactly as you imagined! This walk-through is the perfect time to ask any questions about your new home! We want you to be completely satisfied!
At the end of your walk-through, you’ll receive all project information and photos in digital format – our housewarming gift to you as a congratulations on your new home!
We’ll make sure that a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by county authorities.