We know that financing is a big part of building your new home. That’s why we seek out the best lenders in the market who have expertise in construction lending, have a variety of products to suit your needs, are familiar with our process and have the most competitive rates.

In our experience local lenders aren’t just the easy choice, they are the right choice. To a local lender, you aren’t just a number. Our lenders know your face, know your name, and are interested in your story. The customer service is a huge plus to staying local, however the most important benefit of your local lender arrangement is having all the necessary people under one roof. With Fidelity Bank, you can trust that your lender, underwriter, and other needed signatures all work together in the city, most of the time in the same office! With local lenders, there is no waiting for packages to be shipped crossed country or adjusting for time zone difference. If your lender needs to get a rewrite, they just walk down the hall. Reliability and speed are their bread and butter.

That’s why Red Barn Homes recommends Amy Buynoski of Fidelity Bank as our Preferred Lender. She will give you the efficiency you need with the service you deserve.

  • Amy Buynoski
    Vice President – Mortgage Broker

    Fidelity Bank

    NMLS# 545254
    1000 Mansell Exchange W., Ste. 360
    Alpharetta, GA, 30022
    Telephone: (770) 649-4956
    Cellphone: (678) 249-7457
    Fax: (678) 298-7092
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